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Little Known Essential Oil Secret:

Using Essential Oils as an Aid to Stop Smoking

Smoking is a real problem for many people. They realize that smoking is very hard on your health but it can be really difficult to stop. If you really desire to quit, why not try essential oils as a support for stopping.

Stanley Burroughs " The Master Cleanser" book in his discussion of oil of clove (page 40) "For those who wish to quit smoking place, with your finger, a small amount on back of the tongue & you immediately lose your desire to smoke. This is an easy way if you really want to quit."

Gary Young told about a young man who wanted to quit smoking. He took the Cleansing Trio plus JuvaTone and was able to quit after just 3 days. Gary also mentioned that people who put a little Thieves on their finger and then touch their finger to their tongue before smoking, seemed to have an easier time stopping. Thieves has clove oil as one of the ingredients.

Essential Oils can also help relieve some of the emotional stress while you are attempting to quit smoking. Peace & Calming oil blend is one oil that is excellent for calming in the face of cravings and other stresses. Other essential oils that could be useful in reducing addictive behavior are, Thieves, Clove, Peppermint, Harmony, Joy, JuvaCleanse, JuvaFlex.

These can be inhaled or diffused, applied topically on the temples and back of the neck several times daily, or used as a warm compress over the liver.

Another tool for support in overcoming addictions is EFT. (Emotional Freedom Technique) EFT is one of my favorite tools for all kinds of things. I love to add a drop of essential oil to the EFT points as I tap on them.

Some of my favorite oil blends to use with EFT are: Motivation, Release, Harmony, Valor, Transformation, Highest Potential, Into the Future, Believe, Forgiveness, Peace & Calming. There are many other possibilities, even oil singles like frankincense and lavender. I generally use whatever my mood motivates me to do at that moment. Kind of an intuition thing. You'll find that essential oils really enhance the EFT process.

For more information on EFT, go to:

Many food and chemical dependencies, such as addictions to tobacco, caffeine, drugs, alcohol, and sugar may originate in the liver. Cleansing and detoxifying the liver is a crucial first step toward breaking free of these addictions.

The Chinese wolfberry (Ningxia variety) is widely used in China as a liver tonic and detoxifier. NingXia Red would be an excellent support in this process. Other liver support products are Juvatone and JuvaCleanse oil blend.

Quitting smoking is definitely not an easy task but you may find some help with essential oils and EFT.

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Experiences using Essential Oils to Quit Smoking:

I quit smoking December 31, 2000. I was tired of being a smoker and smelling like an ashtray ... But ... it was also my best friend which comforted me when all went right and wrong in my life. I was frightened of living without my buddies and I was frightened of failing.

But guess what ...

I DID IT!! Clove oil and Peppermint oil dropped in my mouth (at different times throughout the day) helped with cravings. I used Clove most of the time, but when the craving overwhelmed me I put a drop of Peppermint on my tongue and took several deep breaths. It worked like a charm! Sulfurzyme every day and orange juice also helped.

Looking back, I should have cleansed during this time. I whole-heartedly believe it wouldn't have been as difficult if I had cleansed (including liver cleanse) while I was quitting. Set yourself up for SUCCESS ... cleanse while you quit!

You must truly want to quit or nothing will work for you. There are no quick potions to halt your emotional and physical cravings ... only these WONDERFUL OILS to lend assistance when you need them!! Peace and Calming, Hope, Joy, Forgiveness, Harmony, and Into the Future, are other oils you may find helpful while on your adventure to be smoke free! Peace and Calming is my favorite!

Be proud of yourself for wanting to quit!! You have taken the first step, pat yourself on the back! Now take the next step and find the strength deep within to give yourself the gift of LIFE!!

* * *

I have heard Jean-Marie Freidman say that she used Peace and Calming to help her successfully stop smoking. She said she sniffed it constantly through out the day. Best Wishes!

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